Technical staff training (Emerging issues like Tuta absoluta, false codling, MNLD, pest identification, diagnostics & management) 11th to 13th May 2015 KEPHIS Headquarters

A training was organized by the Center of Phytosanitary Execellence courtesy of the Regional Implementation Program (RIIP) to train inspectors on emerging issues. the training was attended by 16 staff selected from different KEPHIS offices. The training was aimed at building capacity for staff in the technical function of the organization. The training focused on emerging issues like Tuta absoluta, False codling, MNLD, Pest identification, diagnostics & management. The staff had intense training and also visited the Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity Station at Muguga to get practical knowledge on how the laboratories and greenhouses work. They were taken through presentations and practical work on: Introduction to WTO, SPS, IPPC and Standards Seed regulations, seed certification in Kenya Pest Surveillance Overview of import and export certification process a) Mandate of KEPHIS, legal instruments b) Introduction, history, role and function of PQBS c) Diagnostic capacity in the past d) Mycology lab e) Nematology lab f) Tissue culture lab Biosafety issues and status of GMO in Kenya