In-country training of Uganda NPPO: Namalere, Uganda ”Training of NPPO on phytosanitary inspections and compliance”

Eighteen (18) staff members from the Uganda NPPO were trained from 25th February to 1st March 2013 at Post Entry Quarantine Station Namalere, MAAIF, Uganda. The specific objectives of the course were to train on: Introduction to international treaties and standards, Phytosanitary import/export regulatory systems & inspections, biosafety issues in trade, SoPs for import inspection, practical phytosanitary procedures, an introduction to Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) as well as pest surveillance. This training was facilitated by COPE trainers: Ms. Ephrance Tumuboine (Head of Department of Quarantine Uganda NPPO) and Mr. Abed Kagundu (Head, Phytosanitary and Biosafety at KEPHIS-Kenya). 18 Ugandans trained.