Inspectors’ Refresher Training on Pest Identification from the 4th to 7th of April 2016 KEPHIS Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity Station, Muguga, Kenya

In the year 2014 KEPHIS received communication from the European Union in regard to increased interception attributed to presence of harmful organisms and incomplete or missing additional declaration. KEPHIS was required to put in place strategies and measures to arrest or reduce the number of interceptions in the destination market. On the same note the FVO audit of 2013 recommended continuous training for inspectors.Some of the strategies adopted to address the issue of increased notification at the destination market included: enhanced phytosanitary documents verification before issuing to clients; increased sampling of high risk plant material for inspection; staff capacity building and collaboration with our trading partners. Two inspectors visited the United Kingdom and The Netherlands on a learning mission and identified staff refresher training as a major component for phytosanitary compliance. In order to bridge this gap; a refresher training was organized at KEPHIS Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity Station in Muguga targeting 40 inspectors involved in daily inspection of fresh produce.