The training of Mozambique Staff on seed certification, 2nd to 8th August, 2015 at KEPHIS Headquarters and KEPHIS Nakuru.

The Department of seeds in Mozambique is in the process of implementing a Guarantee System for seed quality control, licensing of inspectors and laboratories. In this regard, a team of technicians made by the Department of seeds, the private sector and INOVAGRO traveled to Kenya, from 02 to August 8, 2015, to participate in training in Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), with the aim of obtaining their experience in implementing Quality Assurance System and seeds licensing in the private sector in quality control.
KEPHIS is a regulatory government agency responsible for implementing the quality assurance system of inputs and products derived from agriculture, with a view to promoting food security and national development. The activities of the training consisted of the visit and interaction with the staff of KEPHIS multi-national company East African Malting, which is dedicated to seed production of barley and malt production.